A Woman Named "Hello"

About the film:

It’s one thing to join the Peace Corps in the early post-college years, before the responsibilities of a lifetime and family fall upon you. But what happens when you make a pledge to service at the age of 54, when the child-bearing and raising years are behind you? What happens when you leave a life – everything and everyone you have ever known – and find yourself thousands of miles from home, in a culture that bears no resemblance to your own?

Moni Taylor, nurse, photographer, writer, mother of four, does just that.

Unexpectedly, she finds herself assigned to Malawi, the third poorest country in the world, far away from her comfortable and creative life in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina. But Malawi is also “the warm heart of Africa” and one of the first things Moni learns about her new home is that her name, a nickname from childhood, means “hello and welcome!” in the local dialect.

During her first months of training in Africa, Moni desperately tries to stay positive, but goes through some dark questioning periods. This film follows Moni from Appalachia to Africa, from Arizona to Saudi Arabia - on a journey of a soul in search of meaning. And discovers what is demanded of her in return.

Production team:

Director & Writer
Kristin Fellows

Richard Chisolm
Zygimantas Cepaitis
Kristin Fellows

Time Lapse Photography
Brandon Kovatch

Production Assistant
Zoë Alexandra

Audio & Sound Recordist
Dave Schmidt

Trailer Editor
Leif Heflin

Baaba Maal (permission pending...)