Projects by Genre
Over the past twenty years, Kristin has worked in a variety of roles on more than 65 films, documentaries and public television specials ~ including art research, broadcast promotion, production, press & pr, premieres & special events, social media, grants management, educational outreach, international location management, and production photography.

Tough but Amazing Films & Documentaries

Angels of Milot: Haiti's Aftershock (2011)
Bang Bang You're Dead (2002)
Bonecrusher (2011)
Camp Victory, Afghanistan (2010)
Tattooed Under Fire (2009)
Who Killed Chea Vichea? (2011)

Nature & the Natural World

America's First River: Moyers on the Hudson (2002)
Ansel Adams (2002)
Appalachia: A History of Mountains & People (2009)
Expeditions with Patrick McMillan (2008-2009)
John Muir: In the New World – An American Masters presentation (2011)
Saving the Ocean (2012-13)

Arts & Music

American Byzantine (2000)
Art 21 (2004)
Austin Film Festival Presents: On Story (2012)
Cuba Mia (2003)
Design e2: (2006)
Love Me Tender: The Lovesongs of Elvis (2009)
Gospel Music of Johnny Cash (2008)
Picturing Mary (2007)
Sun Studio Sessions (2010-2012)
The Face: Jesus in Art (2001)
Timbuktoubab (2005)

Words, Language & Education

Roadtrip Nation (10 seasons)
Speaking in Tongues (2010)
To Be Heard (2011)
Where Words Prevail (2006)

Religion, Philosophy & Inspiration

A Passion for Giving (2009)
Bonhoeffer (1999)
Creativity: Touching the Divine (1994)
Joseph Campbell & the Power of Myth with Bill Moyers (2012)
The Mystery of Love (2006)
Speaking to Power: Reverend James Forbes (2005)
Thomas Jefferson: A View From the Mountain (1995)


Arab American Stories (2012)
Childbrides: a NOW on PBS special (2007)
Foreign Exchange with Fareed Zakaria (2008)
The New Heroes with Robert Redford (2005)
Trading Democracy: A Bill Moyers Special Report (2003)

Health, Science & Public Affairs

Beyond the Light Switch (2011)
Fixing the Future: A NOW on PBS Special (2010)
Fueling Our Future (2009)
Great Lakes Now (2011)
Kids & Chemicals: A Bill Moyers Special Report (2003)
In the Balance (2004-5)
Minds on the Edge (2010)
Nanotechnology: The Power of Small (2009)
Not As I Pictured: A Pulitzer Prize-Winning Photographer's Journey Through Lymphoma (2011)
NOW on PBS (2008-2010)
Our Genes/Our Choices (2008)
Out of the Shadow (2006)
Overheard with Evan Smith (2012)
Reinventing Healthcare (2009)
The Entrepreneur's Secret (2012-13)
The Open Road: American Looks at Aging (2005)
When Medicine Got It Wrong (2010)
Who Cares? Chronic Illness in America (2002)
Wired Science (2007)

Rights & Issues

Adopted: For the Life of Me (2010)
Dear John: a NOW on PBS special (2008)
The Grove: AIDS & The Politics of Remembrance (2011)
The Lord is Not on Trial Here Today (2012)

Travel & Lifestyle

Farmers Almanac TV (2005-2007)
Tartan TV (2003-2004)
Wine Food & Friends with Karen MacNeil (2004)