The Red Moon Letters

Two worlds unfold in The Red Moon Letters...

One, Ethiopia in the 1940s and 50s – under the rule of the last emperor in the legendary two-thousand year Solomonic Dynasty that began with King Solomon’s nocturnal visit to the Queen of Sheba.

The other, the reality of Ethiopia in the new millennium – an impoverished third world country still in the fragmented dust of its former emperor's once global vision, now struggling to survive in the valley between its peaks of greatness.

Into these two worlds venture two American women, both in their 50s. One comes to the first world to be by the side of her husband, an advisor newly appointed to Emperor Haile Selassie. The other arrives nearly sixty years later in search of the first woman's life, whatever traces she can find of it in the dust of these ancient Abyssinian highlands.

One will survive her Ethiopian experience, and one will not...

The Red Moon Letters by Kristin Fellows –
a new, nonfiction book – coming in 2012